Meet Maggie!!

July 22, 2013

Maggie is now available for adoption! Check her out, and contact us at if you’re interested in meeting her!


When it Rains it Pours…

December 17, 2012

…and right now it’s raining PUGGLES!!

Just this morning, we’ve received emails and phone calls from FIVE people who want to surrender their puggles to us!   We are full to the brim, so can’t take any more dogs in right now at all. Most people have said they can hold onto the dogs if we put them on the website and start screening people, which we’ve agreed to do. But this one in particular needs a foster home ASAP, so we need your help!

Here’s the email we received:

I have a puggle I would like to see placed in rescue. His name is Bailey and he is three years old. A neutered male that is house trained, walks on a leash and gets along with other dogs and cats. I took him from a friend about a year ago who could spend no time with him and he was always stuck in a crate. Since living with me I have worked on his social skills and house trained him. He prefers to be an indoor majority dog. He learned to love running the two acres and other dogs that I have. He has done nothing wrong other than I had to move and the number of dogs allowed had to be cut down, and no dogs are allowed in the residence. I wanted Bailey to have an exceptional fun loving life. I gave that to him in the beginning but do to circumstances I can no longer provide this for him. I too have to obtain employment and can not spend the time with him he is used to. He deserves better. I saw your site on the internet and decided to contact you. I hope you can help. I live in Hesperia, Ca and am willing to do whatever it takes to get him the best. Hope to hear from you.

This 3-yr old puggle boy is currently living OUTSIDE in Hesperia!! If you’re not familiar with Hesperia, it’s high desert, and it’s COLD!! I’ve been there a couple times myself, and it was a very rude awakening. We gotta get that boy inside!

Here are pics of Bailey that she sent:

We’ll provide a crate and food if needed. We cover all vet expenses and we pick him up from you and drop him back off with you for any home visits he would need. He just needs a warm place to lay his head at night and a gentle touch to scratch his head. Maybe a belly rub or two.

If you can foster this boy, who sounds like a dream, please contact us at

Thank you!!

Foster Needed: Take a Chance!

November 12, 2012

Chance needs you to take a chance on him…

En route to San Diego

En route to San Diego

Chance is male, altered, probably about 11 months old, up to date on his shots, heart and other worm-free. He arrived from Shreveport, LA yesterday (Sat the 10th) and went into foster in Oceanside. Unfortunately, he needs to find a new foster home ASAP. The 2 dogs already in the home are seniors – 10 and 12 years old – and they didn’t take too kindly to having this young whippersnapper invade their space and wanting to play with him. They’ve started acting out and one has even bitten him now.


Chance is a GREAT dog and a wonderful snuggler. The only thing he did wrong in is current foster is want to play too much. He gets along great with other dogs, has really good body language with them, just doesn’t read their body language very well. He’s not aggressive with cats but he does chase them and want to bat them around a bit. So I would not advise a house with cats unless the cats are PRO’s at putting a dog in his place.

See? I sweep too!

He’s a very young adult, so he’s got a lot of energy. But he’s also super smart and could learn quickly in the right environment.

Please???? Anyone in the San Diego area??? We need to get him into a better situation unless is forever home can find him!! Please contact us at if you’d like to help or want more info about this sweet boy.

So Many Updates!!

November 6, 2012

Hello World!  We have soooo many updates for you!

First and foremost, Carnation has had her surgery and is now in her foster-to-adopt home!  She is doing FANTASTIC!!  Here’s a pic of her enjoying her life post-op, post-cone (the cone was required for 2 weeks, poor thing):

No cone! No cone!…Nom nom nom…No cone!

Next up, we did pull the 2 little nuggets from our last post. The 2 little girls who had lost their family.  They were named Estrellita and Chocolata…at Puggles & Pitties, we call them Lita and Lata!

Here they are, loaded up and ready to head south to San Diego!

Let’s GO!! (Lata, L, & Lita, R)

These little girls are HILARIOUS together!! Lita is maybe 5 yrs old, and Lata is about 3, and that’s exactly how they both act – like big and little sisters. They love to romp around and play together, chasing or wrestling or whatever. They’re crate trained and house trained and are pretty quiet little girls when they’re all snug together in their crates while foster mom is at work.  They are available and ready to go.


We finally got Bentley and Nutmeg their professional pics, and they look AMAZING!  Working on their pages, but these kids are also looking for their special home (maybe in time for the holidays!)


Doesn’t he look dapper? Bentley is the boy who had a broken leg in May that needed to be plated. He’s all healed up and good as new!


Nutmeg is the little angel face who came to us from Rolla, MO. Can you believe anyone would not be looking for that sweet face??

More info on these two kids to come shortly.


Of course, we’re always looking for more foster homes!  We would still like to help Sonny & Cher, the bonded pair from our last post.  If anyone has room for a pittie and a chi, please let us know ASAP @

We’ve also been contacted by the Fresno SPCA.  They have these 2 little cutie boys  that they’d like our help with.


They sound like little charmers, so we’d love to help if we can.  They don’t need to stay together although they are enjoying each other’s company while they’re kenneled together. If you’d like to foster a puggle or 2, please contact us @!

Thanks everyone! Don’t forget to get out and vote today!!

We got her!!

September 29, 2012

Quick update for everyone who contacted us about Carnation – Yes! We got her this morning!

She is SUCH a sweet girl, just so loving and kissy and playful and amazing.

Here are some pictures of her from her drive back to San Diego.

Ready to hit the road!

Gettin’ sleepy…

She’s now settling in nicely with Nick and Jenn, her foster mom and dad, plus her two foster sisters. They’ve changed her name to Chance and report that as of tonight she’s already fitting in like she’s always been there!

We’ll make an appointment for her this week to see the vet about her leg. The femoral head is broken and clearly has been for a while so we’ll see what Dr Hampel says.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers for Carnation!  She’s already a success story, and she’s only just arrived!

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