Puggles & Pitties is always looking for volunteers!  If you’d like to get involved with rescue, here are some of the ways you can help us.  Email us at pugglesnpitties@gmail.com to let us know of your interest!

Foster Homes. Of course, foster homes top the wish list for every rescue. Fostering involves having a dog live with you until s/he finds his/her forever home. This might be for as little as a week, it could be for a few months. Each dog is different. Puggles tend to be adopted faster than pit bulls, but we get a lot of overweight puggles who need to lose weight before they can even be put on the website and made available.

There is no cost to you for fostering. The rescue remains responsible for all vetting and training costs and we will supply a crate and a large bag of food to get you started. We would appreciate it if you were able to take your foster to their training classes and vet appointments, but that’s not necessary either. We’re happy to pick him up prior to his appointments if you aren’t available.

Adoption Events.  We don’t participate in many events because we have so few dogs at any given time but we would like to get involved with more of them. One of the biggest problems we have is that we need someone with an SUV who could help us setup and/or tear down and/or drive all of the stuff to the event. We also need people to help out at the event with dog handling so each dog can be uncrated for the event. Finally, we need people to help man the booth, answering basic questions and providing handouts to passersby. Even if you can only help out for an hour or two on these days, your time is greatly appreciated!

Dog Grooming. We work hard to keep our doggies smelling good and looking good, with clean ears and trim nails. If you have an interest in helping us with this, let us know! Ideally we need someone who is particularly good with nail trims, or someone with access to a dog wash tub.

Dog Training. Our doggies have training homework – it’s the only way to keep them in tip-top shape mentally! If you want to come work with the dog(s) on their lessons for the week or just run them through some refreshers, we’d LOVE it!

Fundraising. If you have experience raising funds for nonprofits and want to dedicate a little time to our cause, we’d be happy to have the help.

Event Planning. We need help planning events – from weekend adoption events to larger-scale fundraising events and fun reunion-type activities for people who have already joined the Puggles & Pitties family. We have a ton of ideas but need serious help with bringing those ideas to life!  We’d love to be able to put together an event committee so not one person is responsible for all aspects of each event, so whatever you can do to help with events, just holler!

Community Outreach.  Part of our goal as a rescue is to educate the public about puppy mills and about the realities of pit bulls. We would also like to implement a shelter prevention program to keep dogs out of shelters and with the families they love. If you have a special interest in any of these areas and would like to assist us with our mission, let us know.

Anything else? If you think you have a skill, talent, or service that would be of help, feel free to email us and suggest it!

Thank you!!

4 Responses to “Get Involved”

  1. Audrey Says:

    If theres anything me and my boyfriend Dylan could do to help feel free to email me! 🙂

  2. Nicole Stanford Says:

    I am interested in finding out some more about Fostering. Thank you for your time,

  3. Loretta Andrade Says:

    I am in the LA county area and would like some more info on becoming a foster home. We currently have a Puggle from a Rescue and a mut from a shelter. Thanks

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