Puggles & Pitties has been very lucky. Until recently, we hadn’t needed to escort any of our dogs to Rainbow Bridge. On Sunday, August 28, 2011 we made the very painful decision that Rufus deserved to be free of his pain. In his honor, we’ve created this page to remember the dogs who were with us for the remainder of their days.

We learned a lot from Rufus, mostly that senior dogs are AWESOME. Rufus was a perfect gentlemen. He wanted nothing more than to cuddle on the sofa, with the occasional ear scritch thrown in for good measure. He was with us for only 8 months, but he touched our hearts in unexpected ways and he is greatly missed.


Because of Rufus, we are in the process of developing a compassionate care program. Please stay tuned for details.

2 Responses to “Our Angels”

  1. Jeff Narucki Says:

    I’m so very sad to hear this. While I ended up adopting another senior dog, Rufus was right behind the dog I eventually got on my list. I retweeted or posted his add on my Facebook page several times to help get him adopted. I created a blog based upon my experiences with my last two dogs (both older guys) to help raise awareness of how great they are to help others understand all of the great benefits of sharing your life with senior dogs as well as educating them on the challenges.

    I have no doubt that Rufus is looking down on you now knowing how lucky he was to have been with you even for a short while. Thanks for making a difference

    Jeff Narucki

  2. […] He also reminded me of Rufus.  In fact, except for the ears, they’re almost identical!  When Rufus passed, I made a promise that I would take in as many compassionate care elderbulls as I could but this is the first chance I’ve had to follow through on that promise. There was no question, seeing him look so sad behind that gate in his kennel, seeing how much he reminded me of Rufus and remembering what an awesome dog Rufie was, this boy was coming home with me! […]

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