Foster Needed: Take a Chance!

November 12, 2012

Chance needs you to take a chance on him…

En route to San Diego

En route to San Diego

Chance is male, altered, probably about 11 months old, up to date on his shots, heart and other worm-free. He arrived from Shreveport, LA yesterday (Sat the 10th) and went into foster in Oceanside. Unfortunately, he needs to find a new foster home ASAP. The 2 dogs already in the home are seniors – 10 and 12 years old – and they didn’t take too kindly to having this young whippersnapper invade their space and wanting to play with him. They’ve started acting out and one has even bitten him now.


Chance is a GREAT dog and a wonderful snuggler. The only thing he did wrong in is current foster is want to play too much. He gets along great with other dogs, has really good body language with them, just doesn’t read their body language very well. He’s not aggressive with cats but he does chase them and want to bat them around a bit. So I would not advise a house with cats unless the cats are PRO’s at putting a dog in his place.

See? I sweep too!

He’s a very young adult, so he’s got a lot of energy. But he’s also super smart and could learn quickly in the right environment.

Please???? Anyone in the San Diego area??? We need to get him into a better situation unless is forever home can find him!! Please contact us at if you’d like to help or want more info about this sweet boy.

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