Help Us Help TYSON!!

November 27, 2012

Oh no!  Remember Tyson, the sweet elderbull that we posted about a few weeks ago?  He’s STILL sitting in the shelter!!

Tyson the Elderbull

Look at those ears!! Look at his silly tongue that’s always sticking out and ready for a kiss!!

Here’s the original email we received:

TYSON – ID#A1127037

Tyson is a boy with a reputation- a good one, that is. He has a cute face that you can’t help but love… and oh, those eyes! How sweet they are!

Tyson was an owner surrender because the family moved away and he was not part of their plan. Heart broken and lost, Tyson marched forward and he’s now made lots of new friends at the shelter. But before the family left him, they wanted to let us know just how wonderful Tyson.

According to the family, Tyson loves everyone; gets along with other dogs, lived with children and was great with them as well.

Tyson has a gentleness and sweetness about him. He loves people, and loves to spend time with his volunteer friends. We’ve seen him around a couple of smaller dogs and he had no reaction towards them. He’s not all that athletic; no fetch, no swimming, but boy, does he love to cuddle up next to you and be showered with lots of attention! By the way, don’t ever look back when you walk away from him, he will look at you with those sad puppy eyes… and the guilt will get you.

Tyson is about 8 years old. We all know the harsh and sad reality that older dogs have a harder time finding homes- but we must keep trying- especially for a wonderful boy like Tyson, who’s wonderful in more ways than one.

Well, guess what? Tyson’s time is UP.  The shelter is giving him til the end of the week – NOVEMBER 30th!! – to be rescued or adopted. After that…

Senior pit bulls are truly the BEST dogs ever. Look at our post about RUFUS.  They are sooooo lazy and relaxed and really just want a soft bed to chill out on.  They have tons of love left in their hearts, and they are more than happy to share it with you.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a pittie but aren’t quite sure, Tyson is a great option. Well-mannered, gets along with other dogs and with kids, and doesn’t require a ton of physical activity. PERFECT!!!

We really, really, REALLY want to rescue Tyson.  It’s breaking our hearts that he’s still stuck at that shelter. But we can’t – CAN NOT – help him without a foster home. Please, please, please…

Yes, we’re begging.  Tyson’s life is on the line. We’re begging with our whole hearts. Please help us save him.

Contact us at if you can find it in your heart to open your home to Tyson.

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