We got her!!

September 29, 2012

Quick update for everyone who contacted us about Carnation – Yes! We got her this morning!

She is SUCH a sweet girl, just so loving and kissy and playful and amazing.

Here are some pictures of her from her drive back to San Diego.

Ready to hit the road!

Gettin’ sleepy…

She’s now settling in nicely with Nick and Jenn, her foster mom and dad, plus her two foster sisters. They’ve changed her name to Chance and report that as of tonight she’s already fitting in like she’s always been there!

We’ll make an appointment for her this week to see the vet about her leg. The femoral head is broken and clearly has been for a while so we’ll see what Dr Hampel says.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers for Carnation!  She’s already a success story, and she’s only just arrived!

We received the saddest plea in our inbox this week.  From the shelter volunteer:

The first words I heard about Carnation (just a puppy at 7 months old, 33 pounds) were: “We can’t euthanize her. She is sitting in that cage playing with her toys!!!” What a doll this little brindle girl is! Sweet, loving with other dogs, just an angel who, unfortunately, will require a visit to an orthopedic vet to find out about her limp on the rear leg. FHO surgery is a possibility for her. But, we can raise funds if there is a rescue who will save her life. If medical staff is willing, we must support them!!!

Then, from today’s evaluation:

…the best I could do was take Carnation and walk her through [the treatment] room, with other dogs barking and growling at her.  She did not react other than to go up, sniff, and wag her tail  —  and, in fact, backed away from a momma terrier with pups who was making it know that she was not wanted in that area!  I asked a couple of the ACT’s who have spent time in medical and, without hesitation, everyone agreed that Carnation is sweet, polite, and non-reactive.  They even said she was quiet in her cage  —  though I’m sure once healthy she will be romping about non-stop. 

We really, really, REALLY want to help this sweetheart!  She looks so much like Fiona, it’s just eating us up inside – her deadline is FRIDAY, SEPT 28!!  But we have NO ROOM.  None. We’ve got people willing to help us raise the money for the possible leg surgery and physical therapy, but she needs a place to GO, i.e., a FOSTER HOME.

Please, San Diego, we really, really need your help!  Is there anyone who would be willing to open their heart and their home to this little angel? We will provide a crate, food, and cover all vet expenses. She just needs a place to stay either until space opens up elsewhere or until she’s adopted, whichever comes first.

There have been NO OTHER RESCUES inquiring about this sweet girl, and she deserves a chance at a life! We NEED to save the breed ambassadors so they can go on to change the negative opinion of others about this remarkable breed.  This girl sounds like an EXCELLENT ambassadog!!

If you can help, please contact Kelly at pugglesnpitties@gmail.com. Time is of the essence, please contact us right away!!

Thank you!!

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