FOUND! Miramar area, San Diego

June 7, 2010

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

A friend of ours found this little angel face on her way to 24 Hour Fitness this Sunday, about 1 pm. She called us to come help, and of course we did!

She was found where Black Mountain Rd becomes Kearney Villa, and intersects Candida, headed the back way to the 24 Hr Fitness that’s on Miramar.  She is very shy and scared but very sweet. She’s mostly brown and has a pink and black collar. No tags, no microchip (we checked). Probably 3 months old, most likely a shep mix of some sort, but there’s no telling what her parents were told. 

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

We need to hold her for 10 days and actively look for her parents before placing her up for adoption. We drove around the neighborhood yesterday looking for people who were looking for their dog but it was mostly light industrial in the area she was found. We’ve also put notices on Craig’s List, several lost pet websites, notified San Diego animal control, and put posts up on our Facebook pages.

Today we’ll go back to the neighborhood and see if anyone posted “Lost” pet signs around.  If you know of anyone missing this dog, please contact us directly at

Here’s a map of approximately where she was found (click on map for full-sized view):


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