Changing with the Times

May 23, 2010

This week we learned some disappointing news.  According to our friends at Peaceable Paws, Premier, the maker of the Gentle Leader and the Easy Walk harness, has sold their company to Radio Systems Corp. Why does this upset us? Because RSC is known for their shock collars, and I can’t support a company that manufactures, markets, or sells such unnecessary and inhumane equipment.

So now what? Luckily, there is still Softouch Concepts, the creators of the SENSE-ation and SENSE-ible harnesses. They also have a great page on their website about exactly why these front-clip harnesses are the best way to walk your dog(s).

Please join us in supporting a company who is in this for the benefit of the dogs. There are enough companies out there who are all about the dollar. There’s nothing new or special about that.

One Response to “Changing with the Times”

  1. Reference to the “Gentle Leader”, there is the “Halti” which came before the Gentle Leader. It’s also easier to place on the dog.

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