Update on Bentley

May 2, 2012

Thank you to EVERYONE who has donated towards Bentley’s leg repair!!

So far we’ve received $580 in the Chip-in and $670 in off-line donations, for a total of $1,250 !!

Dr Hampel wants to do the surgery on Thursday – tomorrow – so we’re on a big push to try to raise the remaining $450.  Please tell everyone you know and crosspost our original plea like crazy! Every donation of $1 and $5 really does add up!!  Look what we’ve been able to do just since Sunday night!

If you have any trouble with the Chip In link, please contact Kelly at mdgrrrl@msn.com.  The Chip-In link again is: http://pugglesnpitties.chipin.com/bentleys-leg-repair

Thank you!

Thank you for your generosity! We’re so happy we’re going to be able to help this boy!

We got a call from our vet late last week…Bentley, a 3-yr old puggle, was brought in with a broken leg. The owner didn’t have money to pay for the surgery and the owner was going to have him euthanized if they couldn’t find anyone to take him on and get him the care he needed.

Well, we can’t imagine putting down a 3 yr old dog for a broken leg, so we agreed to help.  But now we need help helping little Bentley!!

Bentley needs to have his leg plated.  There is some question as to whether this is an old injury that wasn’t properly treated the first time or whether it’s completely new.  The girl who brought him in last week said she got him off of Craig’s List just a few days before but apparently he had been to this vet with his prior owner because he was in their system and they do have a record of him breaking this leg previously.  At that time it was splinted and he was put on crate rest. Now he needs the plate to make sure the repair holds.

Here’s the estimate from Animal Medical Center for the repair (click image to enlarge):

We’ve created a Chip-In for Bentley’s surgery and hope to have the money raised by Friday the 4th so we can schedule the surgery right away.  The vet wanted to do the surgery last Friday or this Monday but we had to put the brakes on to try and raise the funds.


Please share this post and the Chip-In link! If everyone can donate just $1 or $5, we can reach his goal in no time at all. This poor little nugget needs to get better soon…can you please help??

Please help me!


More Thundershirt News!

September 8, 2011

Thundershirt has created a Donate-A-Thundershirt program for rescues and shelters!

For $27, you can order a Thundershirt for a Puggles & Pitties dog, $10 off their regular retail price plus free shipping.

To donate a Thundershirt to Puggles & Pitties, simply click the banner ad on the right of our home page (or below, or click HERE) to be taken to the Puggles & Pitties Thundershirt donation page. Simply place the order for a medium Thundershirt, and they’ll ship it directly to us – so easy!

This is a wonderful opportunity to support our small rescue without spending a lot of money. Any shirts donated through this program will go with the dogs once they’re adopted to help with their acclimation to their new environment.

Thank you in advance to anyone who might donate, and thank you to Thundershirt for this fantastic program!

Donate a Thundershirt

We are soooo excited to tell you that our friends at Helping Udders are now carrying THUNDERSHIRTS!!

Thundershirts are excellent tools for dogs with anxiety issues. They were initially marketed for dogs with storm anxiety but have proven to be helpful in a variety of anxiety-inducing situations.

The shirts fit snugly to the dog’s body and mimic the swaddling effect that comforts human babies. If you know a storm is coming, put it on your dog BEFORE the thunder starts in order to help him before his anxiety spirals out of control. If your dog is generally an anxious dog, you can leave the Thundershirt on her around the clock.

Thundershirts have proven to be effective in the following situations:

  • Noise phobias – thunder, fireworks, etc;
  • Separation anxiety;
  • Crate training;
  • Travel/Car anxiety;
  • Nuisance barking;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Leash pulling.

The Thundershirt website offers a lot of information about the shirts, how to get your dogs used to them, what types of training to do with them depending on what issues are being addressed: http://www.thundershirt.com/HowItWorks/

After checking out the Thundershirt website, please please PLEASE go to Helping Udders to purchase your shirt. Puggles & Pitties receives 10 – 50% of the proceeds from any purchases at Helping Udders, so purchasing through them will help  us with the costs of vetting and day-to-day care of the dogs in the rescue!

This is a fantastic tool for your dogs that we wholeheartedly support.

When finalizing your purchase at Helping Udders, please specify “Puggles & Pitties” as your rescue of choice. It’s that simple!

We thank you for your support; your furkid will thank you for the Thundershirt!

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