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October 26, 2012

We’ve received 3 pleas for help this week that are just BREAKING our hearts.  We really REALLY want to help, but we need fosters in order to do that. Here are the dogs tugging at our heartstrings this week.  If you are willing to foster them, please let me know ASAP at pugglesnpitties@gmail.com.

EMAIL 1:  SONNY & CHER (bonded pair)

A bonded pair, adorable as anything. The only thing better than a puggle and pittie pair is a pittie with a chi.  There’s a Facebook page just for pictures of these wonderful combinations!

Here’s the email about them:

CHER (ID#A1343043)- female white stafffie
SONNY (ID#A1343046)- male chihuahua

Sometimes, I dread bonded pairs. It’s just so hard in so many ways… It’s heartbreaking to separate them, especially when they’re deeply bonded. But what are the chances of the pair getting adopted or rescued TOGETHER?? Are we lessening their chance by insisting that they stay together or are we better off letting them go separate ways? But what if one cannot live without the other? And what if one gets adopted and the one left behind is euthanized? Oh, the darn what if’s…

And it’s as if things aren’t complicated enough and the odds aren’t small enough.. what are the chances of even one adoption when one is a chihuahua and the other is a staffie?? It’d be easier if we could just keep walking and not stop. But how do you ignore the sight of two dogs cuddling together, with confusion and sadness in their eyes? The only thing that made it bearable is because they have each other… They are all each other have.

Now you understand my pain.

But no worries, Sonny told Cher, “I got you babe”.

Sonny is the Mr. Social Butterfly who possess a flair for the dramatic 😉 He always has an exaggerated (but happy!) smile on his face. He sits by the kennel door and tremble because he knows he’s going out for a walk, and he can hardly contain his excitement. He’s always happy to see everyone, and he loves to hang out with people! He’s funny in a clownish way because he has so many facial expressions. And boy, does he have a cute face or what?! I LOVE his smile, so genuine and with such lightheartedness.

Cher was terrified when we first met her. I had to lift her up from her bedding to give her a new blanket because she was scared to move 😦 She was so gentle though, and with each pet on the head she relaxed. It didn’t take long before she’s blossomed into a happy, sweet girl and we just love to see her smile!

Sonny and Cher do everything together. They love to go walking together, and they love to play fetch! Well, it’s more like, Cher catches the ball and runs with it while Sonny trails behind her thinking that he’s chasing the ball 😉 They have fun, that’s all that matters!

Sonny and Cher need a home. So here I go- I’m just going to ask, but I won’t insist- that they stay together. All we can do is try, and the fact that we try means that they have a chance. And their chances just got better because you’re reading this. Maybe you know someone, maybe someone you know knows someone…

Personally, I want them to stay together.


There is something magical about a senior pittie.  It’s really the perfect age to adopt one.  All they want to do is snuggle, and pitties are the BEST snugglers!!

Look at those ears!  Look at that tongue!

Here’s the email we received:

TYSON – ID#A1127037

Tyson is a boy with a reputation- a good one, that is.  He has a cute face that you can’t help but love… and oh, those eyes!  How sweet they are!

Tyson was an owner surrender because the family moved away and he was not part of their plan.  Heart broken and lost, Tyson marched forward and he’s now made lots of new friends at the shelter. But before the family left him, they wanted to let us know just how wonderful Tyson.

According to the family, Tyson loves everyone; gets along with other dogs, lived with children and was great with them as well.

Tyson has a gentleness and sweetness about him.  He loves people, and loves to spend time with his volunteer friends.  We’ve seen him around a couple of smaller dogs and he had no reaction towards them.  He’s not all that athletic; no fetch, no swimming, but boy, does he love to cuddle up next to you and be showered with lots of attention!  By the way, don’t ever look back when you walk away from him, he will look at you with those sad puppy eyes… and the guilt will get you 😉

Tyson is about 8 years old.  We all know the harsh and sad reality that older dogs have a harder time finding homes- but we must keep trying- especially for a wonderful boy like Tyson, who’s wonderful in more ways than one.

EMAIL 3:  Human Family Killed, Dogs Taken to Shelter (bonded pair)

UPDATE:  I have definitively committed to these 2 and will be picking them up on Saturday (10/27).  They really, really need a foster home to go to, but I just couldn’t leave them in the shelter any longer.

Their world has just been turned completely upside down.  They CAN NOT die in a shelter now!!

Here’s their video:  http://youtu.be/Qo6axXmodk8

Here’s the info about them:

Estrellita A1339583
Chocolata A1139588

I remember seeing this on the news: a mother and her 2 small daughters were killed when she lost control of her car, the father was taken to the hospital in very serious condition. They had been returning from a birthday party I believe, the little girl was surely feeling safe and happy and tired. She was probably talking to her mother about the party, she was sitting in the front seat, her head turned towards her mother, she was smiling. She thought of her little dogs, Estrellita and Chocolata, waiting for her at home, and what she was going to wear to school tomorrow.

In a split second, her future was taken away from her. I imagined the grief the father must feel…..

Yesterday I met Estrellita and Chocolata at the North Central shelter. Estrellita was sitting and shaking in the little plastic bed. I opened the cage and went in to say hello. Estrellita is a 5 year old spayed Chi/Doxie x and Chocolata is a spayed Chi/Pug x. They looked so lost and sad and confused when I first saw them through the bars of their cage.

When I entered the cage, their whole demeanor changed. You can tell they were very loved dogs….they are so sweet and gentle. They were so starved for love, they must have been very attached to their people. I can only imagine what it must feel for them…..one normal night like so many others their family went out, they waited patiently like they always did, how joyous was it when they came home…..only this time their family never came home. The father is still in the hospital a month later and will never be the same.

The family’s sister, overwhelmed and grief stricken, took the two dogs to the shelter……Estrellita and Chocolata look at everyone who walks past their cage wondering if their family has finally come for them. They are just little dogs, there is no way to explain the magnitude of the tragedy that has befallen their family.

But they are scared, I could feel their little hearts beating, they don’t understand why they are here or what is going to happen to them. Please don’t let their lives too end tragically.

~  ~  ~

I don’t imagine we can personally save ALL of these dogs this week, but if we can even save just one (or one pair), I will be able to sleep better. Please please please…All they need from you is a warm bed. We’ll provide food, a crate if needed, and cover all vetting expenses. All of these dogs are URGENT, so please contact us RIGHT AWAY!!!  pugglesnpitties@gmail.com

Thank you!!

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