Love me?Poor wittle Scooby…he’s had a ruff life so far!

Scooby is only 2 years old but has been turned into the San Diego county shelter 4 times in his young life! Apparently he hasn’t found the right person to love him unconditionally forever and ever.

Scooby’s a good little guy. He’s about 15 lbs, housetrained, can peacefully coexist with most dogs (depending on their approach), and wants nothing more than a person to snuggle with 24/7.

Scooby loves toys – rope toys and plushy toys are his favorites. He likes to pretend he’s all fierce and growl while he’s shaking them around like mad. We’re trying to get this on video but he moves too fact for us.  He’s so funny to watch!

Happy Scoobs

We adore Scooby Snack and are looking for just the right person or family who will adore him too. He would do best in a relatively peaceful environment, with a schedule he can rely on, and with people who are around a lot or who will take him with them when they leave.

He’s already neutered and his shots are up-to-date. His bags are packed and sitting by the door. He’s just waiting for his people to find him!


2 Responses to “Scooby Too!”

  1. Scooby Too is ADORABLE! I am in love with him. We are going to feature him as our adoptable puggle on our blog tomorrow.

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