This gorgeous little nugget is NUTMEG and she wants you to stare deeply into her eyes…

Meet Nutmeg!

…she will make you love her for sure!!

Nutmeg (aka Meggie) is right around a year old.  She is the funniest little thing EVER; she keeps her foster mom laughing all day!  She has one particular type of toy that she likes – those long stuffed “Bobo” dogs that became so popular a few years ago. She carries hers with her EVERYWHERE and just sucks on it like a pacifier. When she’s not loving on her Bobo, she may be dancing for her dinner, giving herself an all-over massage by rolling all around her foster mom’s bed, or play-bowing to her foster brothers and sisters to try and incite a major play session!

Such a sweet smile!

Nutmeg is very well housetrained…she’ll come and whine or bark when she needs to go out, even if it’s the middle of the night. Not a single accident yet!  She’s also very good in her crate and hasn’t made a mess there once, even on foster mom’s longest days at work.

I love laps!

Nutmeg’s favorite pastime is CUDDLING! Whether she’s snuggled up on the sofa or under the covers in bed, if you’re looking for a dog who will never leave your side and wants to be touching you at all times, Nutmeg is your girl.  She’s a perfect sleeping companion for the colder nights ahead – your personal little furnace! (She’s also pretty fond of kisses, but hugs are really where it’s at for this girl.)

Nutmeg a la InstaGram

She’s already spayed, up to date on her shots, microchipped and ready to find her forever home – as long as she can bring her Bobo with her!


2 Responses to “Nutmeg”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I live in New Jersey. If I wanted to adopt Nutmeg how would I go about doing so??

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