Meet Lita & Lata!

Lata (l) & Lita (r)

These girls are the sweetest little things you’ll ever meet.  A bonded pair, they are looking for a forever home that will take them both.  And since they’re both chihuahua mixes (we think), their size is perfect for adopting the darling duo!

Lita, happy little girl

They were rescued from the South LA shelter, where they were turned in after their entire human family was killed in a car accident. They were, understandably, very scared, sad and confused at the shelter, and there was no guarantee that they would be adopted together, so we stepped in to help them out.

Lata, hoping for a new home for the holidays

Lita is about 5 yrs old and Lata is about 3.  They are so adorable together! They play with each other – either wrestling or chasing each other around the house and in the yard; they are crated together and they sleep all cuddled up together.  They hardly ever bark and they are both very well house-trained and crate-trained already.

There were reportedly children in their former home, so we would guess they are OK with kids.  They are a little shy around other dogs so would prefer to be the only pawed twosome in your life.  We think they would be fine with cats.

Lita: it’s exhausting being this cute

They are excellent snugglers, and would make great companions for an individual or family looking for a low-key, well-behaved dog.  Or two!


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