Karma came to Puggles & Pitties FOUR YEARS ago as a medical emergency.  She is now healthy and happy and ready to find her forever home, so let us tell you more about her and all of her amazing qualities!

Amazing the difference 1 month can make

Karma has blossomed in her time with Puggles & Pitties!   She’s gone from scared, sick little girl to happy, playful, goofy baby hippo, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Karma overcame her medical issues like a champ, gained a much-needed 20 lbs, graduated from Levels 1 class @ Whole Dog Training, and most importantly – learned to play!!

Karma was born in  May 2009. She’s obviously been used for the sole purpose of pushing out puppies; we have no doubt she hadn’t had much of a puppyhood herself. But she is making up for it a million times over now!

Karma plays really well with dogs her size or larger…

Making new friends @ Fiesta Island

…does an amazing impression of a turtle…

Turtle impression

…LOVES squeaky toys…

squeak – squeak – squeak

…a true Kiss Bull…

kiss kiss

…who will go to the ends of the earth with her humans….

…and smile all the way.

Karma now knows pure bliss; can she share it with you?

Please contact us @ pugglesnpitties@gmail.com to set an appointment to meet the beautiful and amazing Karma. As much as she adores her foster mom, she really wants a forever family to call her own!


10 Responses to “Karma”

  1. Kaytee Says:

    Is Karma still available for adoption?

    Is she a “good watchdog”– in other words, will she bark/announce when somebody comes to the door/front yard?

    • Hi Kaytee,

      Karma is still available. She is not a good watchdog, as she has been trained not to bark when someone comes to the door. We work very hard to make sure the pit bulls in our rescue are good ambassadors of the breed which includes not acting in ways that add to the misconceptions about pit bull type dogs.

  2. danielle Says:

    Is Karma still available?
    What is her adoption fee?

  3. Roni Lester Says:

    Just discovered you guys tonight. How is Karma with cats? We have 4 from the age of 2yrs to 16yrs old, all very dog savvy. And a sassy 45lb. pugggle.

  4. […] by on October 6th and 20th to participate in the fun and meet our beautiful Karma.  We’ll also have information about the pit bull type dog and training and behavior […]

  5. […] KARMA will be there in her best party dress, giving away free kisses and hoping to meet her special someone.   Plus, P&P alum Fiona (now Penny Lane) has been selected as a finalist in the Bully Beauty Contest, so come cheer her on! […]

  6. alicia madrid Says:

    Is karma still available? Do you think she would do good in a studio appartment with nothing but a lot of love and time? I’m in desprate need of a life time furry friend.

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