09/15/12: Happy Update!

Bruno has found his forever home! He’s now living in Temecula with a very nice family. He has a puggle brother and a greyhound sister, 2 kitty cats to be tortured by, a human brother and sister, and a mom who is home full time to play with him! We couldn’t ask for a better home for this lovable guy!

Original post:

We picked up Bruno from a vet in Hollywood where he’d been taken after his mom had to be hospitalized and then placed into a long-term care facility.  The poor boy is a little confused about what’s going on and why he’s suddenly shuffling around, but he’s super SUPER sweet and is settling in nicely.

Bruno is 5 yrs old, up to date on shots, already neutered. He’s a chunky little monkey so has been on a diet and exercise regimen…we’ll whittle that waist down in no time!

Bruno is a pretty low-key dude. He’s past the hyper puggle stage (See? They eventually do grow out of it!) and really just wants a person with whom he can cuddle up on the sofa and get a few head scratches in the process.  He’s very affectionate, loves giving kisses and cuddles. Prefers to be in a lap at all times, and follows his foster mom around the house.

Bruno loves car rides.

He’s fine with other dogs but would probably prefer to be an only child so he can have all the attention. He used to live with cats too, so he’s probably still OK with them.

Brunie does have a slight issue with food guarding, which we are working with him on.  We’ve taught him to sit and wait for his food bowl rather than just diving right into it when it’s put on the floor.  We’ve also been hand-feeding him at times so he learns to take food and treats gently. So far he’s responding very well to the training.

When we got Bruno, we were told that he isn’t housetrained. We’ve not had an issue with that at all, but we do crate train all the dogs in our care and we’ve kept him on a pretty regular schedule as we would any dog who was not housetrained yet. So it’s possible he just needed some routine, a schedule, and some rules.

On the way back from Hollywood, Bruno feel asleep with his head on foster mom’s shoulder. Awwww…

Stay tuned for updates on our sweet little Bruno!!


4 Responses to “Bruno aka Bru aka Brunie”

  1. I am interested in Bruno and was wondering if he is still available. Please let me know.

  2. Thank you so much, Kelly! -Stephanie @ Veterinary Care Center!

    • Awww, it was our pleasure Stephanie! He is a good boy, and is so happy now with his forever family! There are 2 teenagers in the home, plus another puggle, a greyhound and 2 kitty cats. They all love him!

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