He’s finally ready for his close up!!  MEET BENTLEY!!

Hi World!

Bentley came to us earlier this year with a broken leg that needed to be plated. He is all healed up and good as new, and looking for his forever home.

Bentley is such a sweet boy. He’s a great snugglepuss and would be good in a home with other dogs or with kids, or with other dogs AND kids!  He likes to play but isn’t TOO energetic, is really good at reading other dogs and knowing when to give them their space, and has a very  healthy play style – nothing overly rambunctious or hyper. He prefers a good game of chase to a round of doggie WWE, but what he MOST prefers is to be cuddled up on the couch with his human(s)!

So handsome!

Bentley is about 2 years old, already neutered, and up to date on his shots.  He’s housetrained and cratetrained, and not a chewer of household items or shoes (unless he’s REALLY got us fooled!).

He’s very good at “sit” and, when the other dogs in the house tend to get crazy, Bentley has a habit of just laying down in the middle of the madness, looking for his people to settle the rest of the kids down.  He looks up at his  foster mom with such expectation in his face, it makes her laugh every time.

Looking to the future…

Please contact us at pugglesnpitties@gmail.com if you’d like to meet Bentley!  He sure would like to meet you!!


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