Foster Urgently Needed

February 19, 2013

injured pittieOnce again, we have an urgent plea to help a dog in need. THIS dog’s time is EXTREMELY limited due to a broken pelvis that is causing her considerable pain.

She’s thought to be less than a year old, very small in size (maybe 35 lbs), and obviously very sweet.

We’ve had our vet look at the xrays and it’s believed she only needs STRICT crate rest. That means the only time she would be out of her crate at first would be when she is being taken out to potty.

She’s currently not walking but it’s believed this is because of her level of pain and discomfort, not because she CAN’T.  So her foster parent(s) will need to be patient with her, and go slow when it’s time to take her out.

pocket pittieShe needs a place to hang out and recuperate. She can’t do steps, so if you’re somewhere with steps, you’ll need to be able to lift her if she needs to go up/down them. This is usually only an issue if the steps are on the outside of the home, not the inside (she can stay on one level inside).

Our primary foster home is PACKED to the brim right now, so we can NOT take this girl without a foster’s assistance.  Please, anyone in the LA / OC/ San Diego area who may be interested, contact us IMMEDIATELY at

Check out the video of her sweet self:

Thank you!

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