Pearl is a true gem!

December 27, 2012

Another day, another plea for help.  This one just breaks our hearts. We’re looking for someone to foster this sweet girl.



Here’s the email we got about her, from a border collie rescuer who was at the shelter when Pearl was dropped off:

Dear Friends,

Even though this is not Border Collie related, please help me network this dog safely out of the shelter.

I was at the shelter Friday 12/21 to bail a dog. R_____ and I witnessed a scene in which we never wish to see again and it will haunt me for some time. This lady with her teenage daughter came in to relinquish their dog, named Pearl. I have never seen such tears and such morose people. They just completely broke down, and there was not a dry eye in the shelter watching them fill out the paperwork. Even shelter personnel had to get up and walk away for a few minutes to compose themselves. They love this dog so very much. At first she said she could not afford her. I offered all of the dog food I had in my van (which was substantial), but there is more to this story. The woman just got out of a bad relationship with her husband and credits Pearl for helping her through this crisis. She said she “wouldn’t be alive it if weren’t for Pearl. Pearl is here through no fault of her own.”  Now she is on her own with her kids and had to move in with her parents. I am suspecting her parents are making her get rid of Pearl.

On her car, she had a magnet that said “I Love My Pit Bull.” She is sterilized and you can tell that Pearl is a pampered pooch. The lady says she is good with small kids and she used to take her to the doggy parlor to have her groomed and have her nails polished. They had all of her vet records.

In the Spirit of Christmas and Goodwill, if you could please find it in your hearts to bail or to network her adoption, it would greatly be appreciated. I met Pearl and I can attest that she has a WONDERFUL temperament.”

Please, someone help us help Pearl. Don’t let her die because this woman saved herself and her kids. All too often, people in bad/abusive relationships STAY when their are pets involved because they don’t want to leave their pets behind and they can’t find anywhere to go that will allow the pets to come too.

Please, if you’re in Southern CA and can help, please contact us ASAP at  Time is of the essence.

Many thanks.

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