Karma Update

November 3, 2010

Coy KarmaKarma had to go back to the vet last night. She spent the day today getting loved on by Dr Van Maele and the other great people at Animal Medical Center.

Turns out that Miss Karma ALSO has a urinary tract infection. So she’s now on another antibiotic plus a medicine that will make it easier for her to empty her bladder completely when she goes.

They also drew blood to run a CBC and check her white cell count. Please keep your paws crossed!

Today’s vet bill was another $380, so I’ve increased the ChipIn amount. I’ll post the invoice shortly.

DON’T FORGET – Walkin’ the Bark is having a FUN-raiser for Karma! They sell bully sticks and other great chews online, and all proceeds from their sales THIS WEEK will be donated to Karma’s vet bill! Please visit their website BEFORE Nov 6 and stock up! Bully sticks are doggie crack! If you’ve never given one to your dog, now is a great time to try it out – they will LOVE LOVE LOVE you for it!

Please spread the word! We need all the help for the beautiful Miss Karma as we can get!!

Donations can be made one of the following ways:


Mail a check made out to Kelly Gibson to the following:
PO Box 16305
San Diego, CA 92176-6305

Call payment directly in to Animal Medical Center:
(619) 444-4246
600 Broadway Ave
El Cajon, CA 92021

Many thanks!!
Kelly & Karma

One Response to “Karma Update”

  1. Cyndi Robinson Says:

    Oh gee whiz Kelly poor Karma!!! Just wanted ya to know I did drop a check in the mail today as I said I would but I used the PO BOX address you gave me not the vets so I hope it gets to you ok!Wish it could be a whole lot more but every bit helps. Thanks for the updates on Karma. Ill keep checking in and praying for her!!! Thanks again for helping her! Cyndi Robinson

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