P&P Needs Your Help!!

October 25, 2010

prego_mamaWe received a call from our vet’s office today. A client had brought her very pregnant pit bull in because “something was wrong.” It turns out the dog is suffering from torsion, where the stomach flips over itself. This needs to be surgically corrected or the dog will die. She also needs to undergo an emergency C-section because her body can not undergo the stress of childbirth.

The owner can not pay the $1200 quoted and was declined for Care Credit. She agrees to relinquish the dog to a rescue.

Enter Puggles & Pitties…we were the only ones who answered our phone this morning, and we can’t let her die because of a very treatable medical condition. We have commited to paying for the dog’s care so that she receives the immediate treatment she needs. Once she’s feeling better, we’ll go assess her temperament. If she’s a dog we can accept into the program, we will. Otherwise, we are still commited to sponsoring her medical care.

Please – we need everyone’s help on this one. A completely unexpected medical expense like this is insane, we had no business agreeing to this, but the vet basically said it was us or she was going to be euthanized.

If you can spare even $1, please donate at this Chip In:


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and so does this angelic pibble mama, who didn’t ask for any of this.

9 Responses to “P&P Needs Your Help!!”

  1. Just donated a couple minutes ago. Keep me advised on her status. This donation was on behalf of our dog Izzy (previously named Jazzy). You saved him for us and we just want to return the favor.

  2. Thank you so much Doug!! Give Izzy a scratch for me!

  3. Cyndi Robinson Says:

    Just sent a donation off to you. That poor girl is in a bad way. Please keep us posted on her progress. Thank you for helping her!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    $1000.00 from my grant we discussed earlier was just donated for Karma….

    keep it going folks–this girl needs our help..I know astronomical vet charges and Kelly needs our help to get her taken care of.

    Thoughts your way KARMA!!

  5. Cyndi Robinson Says:

    Thats is great news about that $1,000!!! Every bit helps. Just looking at her poor sad face. Just brings me to tears. Prayers out to you Karma!!! You deserve GREAT things!

    • I know, such a relief. That donation plus the deposit I left covers the initial exam and surgery but her daily care is costing $650 with all the meds and dressing changes etc that she needs. So we’re still in need of help to cover the after-care stuff. Ugh.

  6. cyndi Says:

    Oh gads that is a bummer MORE costs!!! Ill keep checking in on this. I can only hope and pray more funds come her way. Id have loved to send more than I did but I only make min. wage and work a seasonal job too boot! Keep posting how its going. If it turns out I can send some more next payday Ill try but I am tapped out right now. She SO deserves a good life. Thank you for all you do. God Bless ya!!!

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